Extramovies 2023 – Bollywood Hollywood Hindi Dubbed HD Movies

Are you looking for some amazing movies to download? ExtraMovies offers the rearmost Bollywood, Hindi, and Telugu pictures for free download. Still, it’s important to know that ExtraMovies is an illegal website.

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People still use the site to watch movies for free, including Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, English, South Indian Hindi Dubbed movies, Punjabi Hindi dubbed movies, and ExtraMovies Hollywood and Tamil movies in Hindi HD.

What are ExtraMovies?

Do you want to find some good Telugu movies to download? If so, you’re in luck! ExtraMovies.pics has the latest Hindi, Bollywood, and Telugu movies available for download. Downloading movies from ExtraMovies.pics is safe and easy – follow the installation instructions. Many people have been using this site to watch movies for a while now.

Extra movies is a website where people can download movies for free. A survey shows that more than 20% of people in India watch movies illegally on such websites. The government tries to stop these websites, but it keeps changing its address to avoid getting caught. 

ExtraMovies: Download the latest Web Series & Bollywood Hollywood, Telugu, Hindi Dubbed Movies HD

Extramovies is a well-known website for downloading the latest web series and high-definition (HD) movies illegally. However, it’s important to note that this is a piracy website, which means downloading movies from this site is illegal.

Website NameExtraMovies
Type of siteTorrent
Available inEnglish
ContentsBollywood movies, Hollywood Movies, Animated Movies, South Indian Movies, Web Series, TV shows, Dual Audio Movies.
LanguagesHindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam
Official Websitesextramovies.pics
Formats480p, 720p, 1080p

Latest Links of ExtraMovies:

To keep the website running, the owner has to keep changing its website address. Here are some new website addresses for that you can try to access the website.

New and working domains 2023


ExtraMovies Categories:

  • Latest Hollywood Hindi
  • Latest South Hindi Dubbed 
  • Hindi Short Films 
  • Hindi Web Series Free Download
  • Rearmost Hollywood Hindi Dubbed pictures(2023) Free Download 
  • Rearmost South Indian Hindi Dubbed pictures(2023) Free Download 
  • Telugu Latest Movies Download 
  • Malayalam Movies
  • English Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Bengali Movies 
  • Kannada Movies

How Can I Download Movies On The ExtraMovies?

ExtraMovies.pics is a website where you can download lots of movies. They have movies for everyone, whether you like movies or want to laugh. You can download Telugu movies from the website right now. However, some movies might not be available for download at certain times because of licence restrictions. But don’t worry; they will have other movies available soon.

To download your favourite Telugu movies, you need to visit the official website of ExtraMovies.pics. After finding the movie, click on it. Then select the movie’s format and click the download button. Your favourite movie will then be downloaded to your device.

Extramovies 2023 Services:

  1. IPL Live Streaming
  2. Hollywood movies
  3. Movies Download
  4. Bollywood movies
  5. Punjabi movies
  6. Bengali Movies
  7. Tamil songs
  8. Kannada Movies
  9. Malayalam songs
  10. Hindi dubbed movies
  11. English song
  12. Tamil dubbed movies
  13. Movie torrent download

Genres Of ExtraMovies:

Different types of movies include 

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Animation
  • Fiction
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Biography
  • Documentary
  • Family
  • History
  • Music
  • Mystery
  • Sci-fi
  • Sport
  • War
  • Western
  • Suspense
  • Erotic.

ExtraMovies Category:

Downloading movies has become very easy and convenient! That is why we really like Extra Movies.

  • Bollywood Movies: Bollywood movies are famous in India. Extra Movies has a lot of these movies you can download, even old and new ones. If you like Western or Indian movies, ExtraMovies has something for you. Start downloading now!
  • Hollywood Movies: Hollywood movies are famous all around the world because they’re exciting and thrilling to watch. If you like Hollywood movies, you should visit ExtraMovies because they have new Hollywood movies that you can download.
  • Telugu Movies: Telugu movies are very famous in India and other countries. They are released in different stages, with the first version usually dubbed into Hindi. ExtraMovies is a good website where you can download Telugu movies for free. You can watch these pictures online or download them for free. This website also has special things like trailers and interviews with the people who make the movies. If you like movies, you should check out ExtraMovies.

How Do Extramovies work?

According to some accounts, the website has many contributions from all over the world, typically from different parts of Indian exile communities. You can find different types of movies, such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi, and Telugu. Please search for the movie or show it on the search bar and click the download button. Everything on ExtraMovies is legal and licensed, so you don’t need to worry about copyright problems.

Benefits of using ExtraMovies:

Extramovies is a website where you can find many movies, both from Bollywood and Hollywood. They have a big collection of movies, including new releases and old classics. You can download the movies to watch later or share with others.

Movie Format & Sizes Of ExtraMovies:

Extramovies give films in numerous nonidentical formats involving 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, BRrip, and HD films. People prefer the 720p HD format because it uses less data, and the quality is good enough to watch on mobile phones. The most downloaded format from this site is the 300MB dual audio format because it doesn’t take up too much space, and the quality is decent. There are different movie sizes available on this site.

Download Free Bollywood Movies on ExtraMovies:

ExtraMovies is a website where you can download Hollywood movies that have been dubbed in Hindi for people in India. Hollywood movies are very popular and are usually big-budget movies that can also be found on this website. This site is known for providing Hindi-dubbed Hollywood movies that can be downloaded.

Download Free Hollywood Movies on ExtraMovies:

ExtraMovies is a website where you can download Hollywood movies that have been dubbed in Hindi for people in India. Hollywood movies are very popular and are usually big-budget movies that can also be found on this website. 

Full HD Punjabi Movies for Free Download On ExtraMovies:

Extramovies host uploads new Punjabi movies on its website and lets people download them in full HD. But it’s illegal to download movies from there as it’s a piracy website.

Download Full HD Animated Movies On ExtraMovies:

Extramovies cc offers free downloads of animated movies, but it’s against the law to do so. It’s better to watch movies legally on streaming services or in movie theatres.

Free Websites download On ExtraMovies

The website collects newly released web series from different platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus Hotstar and makes them available for free download. However, this website collects these web series illegally, just like they do with movies. So the web series you download from this website are pirated copies, which means they are not legal.

Download Free Tamil Movie On ExtraMovies

The website Extramovies website 2023 has Tamil movies that you can download for free in very good quality. Many people like to watch Tamil movies, even those dubbed in Hindi. However, downloading movies from this website is against the law.

I will tell you how to watch new Tamil movies for free in a legal way in the next sections. this site has a big selection of Tamil movies of great quality. They also have Bollywood, Hollywood, and other regional movies dubbed in Tamil and available to download for free.

Free Full HD Download Telugu Movies On ExtraMovies

You can find Telugu movies available for free download on Extramovies. However, before downloading any movies from there, it’s important to know that the website shares Telugu movies illegally in high-quality HD. You can also find Telugu dubbed movies like Hollywood, and Bollywood Telugu dubbed movies, as well as other regional movies in the Telugu language.

It’s important to note that downloading Telugu movies from ExtraMovies is illegal and considered a criminal offence. We recommend that you watch movies legally through movie theatres or streaming services.

New Movies Leaked By Extra Movies 2023?

Extramovies 2023 has been illegally sharing new movies and web series on their website. People can watch these new movies and shows in many languages on this website. It’s not legal to download or watch these movies for free on ExtraMovies.lol.

ExtraMovies Website access

  • If you’re using a mobile phone:
  1. Download a VPN app to your phone.
  2. Now Open the app and choose the locality of India. Go to the ExtraMovies website, and you should be able to access it.
  • If you’re using a desktop computer:
  1. Use the Chrome browser and install a VPN extension like TunnelBear.
  2. Connect to the VPN and select the location of India.
  3. Go to the ExtraMovies website, and you should be able to access it.

Downloading Movies From Extra Movies Safe or Not

Watching a good movie on a rainy day is enjoyable. But it’s not to choose and download. That’s where ExtraMovies.pics can help – it’s a website where you can download Telugu movies safely. To stay safe from viruses and spyware, use a VPN. If you’re not sure, it’s better to stick to TV releases.

Is Extra Movies A Legal Website?

No, it’s not a legal site. Extra Movies 2023 is a website that allows people to download movies for free. This is because they sell copies of movies that were not authorised to be copied. Piracy also causes big financial problems for the companies that make movies.

Is this site Banned In India or Not?

The original website is illegal, and the government has banned such websites in India. People still use VPN to download movies and web series from this site. The website owners change the domain names regularly, so the site keeps changing extensions. However, it is not safe to download from ExtraMovies as the site is illegal, and downloading movies from torrent sites can also be risky.

Various Alternative Sites to Extra Movies

There are other websites you can use to watch movies and TV shows, like ExtraMovies, but these sites are safer and legal. You can try popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+, which offer lots of different movies and TV shows, including their original content.

There are also some free and legal streaming services you can try, such as Crackle, Pluto TV, and Tubi TV.

Download ExtraMovies Apk for Android

You can get the “ExtraMovies Apk” app for your Android phone or tablet. The app was made by malakaakash and is meant for people in India and other countries who speak local Indian languages.

How Do Extra Movies Earn?

Extramovies make money by showing ads. When you try to download the latest HD movies from this illegal website, it displays ads from different places. This type of website earns lots of money because many people visit it. However, the ads shown here are not trustworthy. So, it’s better to use legal websites to watch your favourite movies.

How to Use Extra Movies without VPN?

If you look at the app store, you’ll see that millions of people have downloaded many VPN apps, but their servers are slow. Another option is to use a proxy server, which acts like a middleman that downloads files for you and sends them to your device.

Use Extra Movies without any Ads?

Extra movies 2023 makes money by showing ads to people who use their website to download movies illegally. These kinds of websites get lots of visitors, which means they can earn millions of dollars. When you visit these websites, ads will appear automatically.

If you want to stop seeing the ads on this site, you can download an Adblocker from the Google Play Store if you have a mobile phone. However, it’s not easy to stop the ads completely. It’s best to avoid using illegal movie download websites and use legal platforms to watch your favourite movies.

Do I need To sign up?

The biggest website for downloading movies asks you to make an account to download. It’s a completely different website where you don’t need to make an account to download movies. All the movies are free, and you can download any of them without signing up. Other websites require you to sign up and then let you watch new Telugu and Tamil movies.

Download the Latest movies from ExtraMovies.pic 2023

Extramovies.pics is one of the most popular torrent websites that allow people to download movies, but it is totally against the law and has been banned by the government. When people use these illegal websites to get movies, it hurts those who made them because they lose money.

The government has made very strict rules to stop this from happening. If anybody shares or downloads movies or software they didn’t pay for, they can get in trouble with the law. They might have to pay a fine of ₹50000 to ₹2 lakhs or go to jail for three years or both.


We do not support piracy and are strongly against it. We follow copyright laws and make sure to obey them completely. We use our pages to educate our users about piracy and strongly recommend that they avoid such websites. Our company strongly supports the copyright act and advises our users to be careful and stay away from these sites.


These websites are known for illegally downloading movies, such as Bollywood and Hollywood Hindi Dubbed movies, Punjabi movies, and web series.

It’s against the law for any person or organisation to upload pirated movies and software on their website without permission from the authorities. We suggest you avoid using these pirated websites because you could get in trouble with government copyright laws. Instead, we recommend watching the latest movies and web series on approved theatres or online platforms.


Are there other benefits to downloading and watching popular Telugu films online?

There are advantages to downloading and watching popular Telugu movies online. You can watch these movies on different devices, and they are usually released quickly.

Ratings Of ExtraMovies?

It has 4 stars out of 5.

What is the main focus of Extramovies?

The main focus is to entertain.

NEW ExtraMovies 2022 Films?

Yes, I’ll release new movies in 2023.


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