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Ram Setu Movie Download in 4K, HD, and 1080p, 1.2GB, 720p, 480, 300MB! Filmyzilla, Filmywap. Ram Setu is an action-adventure film directed by Abhishek Sharma. Ram Setu is a Bollywood film from 2022 based on the ancient times of Lord Ram. The film has a 5.2/10 IMBD rating, and 82% like this film. The film’s runtime is around 143 minutes (2 hours, 23 minutes).

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The budget for this film is about ₹150 crore, and the box-office collection of Ram Stu is around ₹93 crore worldwide, failing to recoup its budget. The film star Akshay Kumar is an archeologist investigating the Ram Setu, which Lord Ram and his Vanar Sena made. 

Today, I will show how to download Ram Setu movies in HD (1080p for free. There are various pirated websites, where Ram Setu Full Movie Download can be done by visiting their website.

Ram Setu movie

NameRam Setu
CastAkshay Kumar | Jacqueline Fernandez | Nushrratt Bharuccha
Directed byAbhishek Sharma
Written by Abhishek Sharma
CinematographyAseem Mishra
Runtime 143 minutes
budget150 crores
Available onAmazon prime video

Ram Setu Movie Download 

The trailer for Ram Setu shows a glimpse of the movie. The archeologists are investigating the nature of Lord Ram Setu to save it from demolition by the Congress Party in 2007. Another film with an interesting storyline has come out to show the untold history of India.

The film is based on the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana and the “Ram Setu” between India and Sri Lanka. I recommend you download the Ram Setu Movie to learn the real narrative behind our history.

Ram Setu Movie Download in 4k and HD

If you want to download and watch Ram Setu, you are on the right page. I will provide you with some different websites to download your favorite shows and movies. You can check their website, but the best way to enjoy the film is to watch it on a legal platform. Ram Setu is available on Amazon Prime Video, you have to buy a subscription to watch and download Ram Setu Movie.

Ram Setu’s film was made to show you the truth of Lord Ram’s existence and build Ram Setu to save Sita from Ravana. Ram Setu is the symbol of the love of Ram for his wife Sita. The film is an action-adventure film that combines entertainment with knowledge about the ancient truth. 

Lord Ram

The film is a true masterpiece, and you must watch it. The film gives you goosebumps, you should watch it. Every Indian should be proud of making this ancient-based film to show the truth of history. 

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Akshay Kumar latest movie

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Ram Setu

Ram Setu Movie Caste and Characters

  • Akshay Kumar as Dr. Aryan Kulshrestha
  • Jacqueline Fernandez as Dr. Sandra Rebello
  • Nushrratt Bharuccha as Professor Gayatri Kulshrestha
  • Satya Dev as Anjaneyan Pushpakumaran
  • Anngad Raaj as Kabir Kulshreshtha
  • Pravesh Rana as Project Manager Bali
  • Nassar as Indrakant
  • Shubham Jaykar 
  • Jeniffer Piccinato as Dr. Gabrielle

The cast performed very well, their hard work and dedication made this the best action-adventure film. Akshay Kumar plays Dr. Aryan Kulshrestha, an archeologist with his team, Dr. Sandra Rebello (Jacqueline Fernandez), and Dr. Gabrielle (Jeniffer Piccinato). Satya Dev is Anjaneyan Pushpakumaran, who is helping Dr. Aryan find the truth about Ram Setu and Ravana Lanka. They had done the perfect job and made the film “Ram Setu.” You can download the Ram Setu movie from the above list.

Story of Ram Setu Movie

The story follows Dr. Aryan Kulshrestha, an archeologist who does not believe in God. In 2007, the Congress government wants to demolish the Ram Setu to build a canal. The task was assigned to Aryan for showing that the bridge was a natural act, not made by lord Rama. Aryan accepted the task and made the report, stating that the “Ramayana” is fiction and questioning Lord Ram’s existence. This sparks the debate as the report offended Lord Ram believers, who were going insane. Aryan’s son is also bullied in school by classmates, who mock his father, “Ravana,” because he does not believe in Lord Ram. 

Indrakant is a rich businessman who wants to demolish the Ram Setu for good. He chooses Aryan to join the archeology team and research Ram Setu. He accepted the mission because of the incident with his son, he wanted to prove the truth. He meets with the other archeologists, Dr. Sandra Rebello and Dr. Gabrielle, to work with him in searching for the Ram Setu samples. 

The first search for a floating stone sample shows that the Ram Setu is 18,000 years old, but Aryan doesn’t agree, he wants to search deep instead of the sea. After so many tries, he successfully takes the Ram Setu floating stone and researches it. Now this time, the age of the stone is 7000 years, and has the possibility of being built by Lord Ram. He realized that the Indrakant has trying to persuade him to make a false report. Indrakant had decided to kill them. When Aryan and his team go to the deep sea, Indrakant advises them to stop their machine and submarine. However, they were saved by a man named AP. He helped Aryan investigate the Ravana sample, which will prove Lord Ram’s existence.

With the help of Ap, Aryan was able to find the truth and prove to the court, that the Ram Setu is man-made and the “Ramayana” story is true. In the end, the government dismissed the petition of demolishing the Ram Setu. 

Ram Setu Movie Cinematography, Filmmaking, and Direction

The film was directed by Abhishek Sharma, and the cinematography was done by Aseem Mishra. The film development has been taking place since 2007, the film was co-produced by Aruna Bhatia and Vikram Malhotra. The film development and production were made with good expertise in archeology and science. 

The film’s photography started in 2021 but it was postponed due to Covid-19. Akshay Kumar tested positive for Covid-19, as also his team members. The film resumed on September 2021, the underwater scene was shoot in Sri Lanka. The team had a lot of struggle in the shooting but completed it successfully. They also shoot some scenes in Mumbai and Diu. 

The cinematography has done an amazing job in the film. The climax was a masterpiece and they also show some intense scenes with the best cinematography ever. The music team has also contributed to the Ram Setu Movie Download film. The music is composed by Ajay-Atul, Vikram Montrose, Ved Sharma, and Dr. Zeus. Daniel B. George gives the Ram Setu film score.

Jai Shri RamVikram Montrose
Om Namah ShivaayDr. Zeus
Bahut Deen BeeteVed Sharma
Whatte FunAjay-Atul

Talking about the storyline, it was perfect in every scene, how they follow up everything and connect the climax at the end. You have to must-watch the Ram Setu full movie download. 

Ram Setu Movie Viewer’s Reaction

The movie has mixed reviews. As 82% of people liked the film but only had a 5.2 rating on IMBD. The movie is a flop, as the film has failed to recoup its 150 crores budget. The box office collection is about 93 crores worldwide. I don’t know why? But in my opinion, the film was perfect. They show the truth about Ram Setu, that it is made by lord Ram and his Vanar Sena. 

The people liked the concept, storyline, actor performance, direction, and climax. The Climax was a masterpiece, everyone liked the ending. The Climax shows the immortal Hanuman as AP, who helped Aryan in his investigation. It gave them goosebumps and viewers enjoyed it. But the film also has a negative response. 

I watched the film, and I don’t know why don’t people like it. The film tells you the truth and also tells you, the love symbol is Ram Setu. Ram Setu has also inspired many viewers, by giving them hope. 

Ram Setu Movie Download in 1080p and 720p

You must add Ram Setu to your watch list. You can also download Ram Setu from the above-listed methods. In my opinion, you should give it a try to watch the Ram Setu movie download. You should never miss out on this masterpiece. It gives you a chill and binds you to the end. The climax gonna be giving a goosebump. 

The film keeps you engaged and entertains you. As almost all the people liked the film you should Ram Setu Movie Download from the above sources. Bollywood is doing hard work and keeps producing this type of masterpiece. 

Ram Setu Movie Download FAQs

How do I download the Ram Setu movie for free?

You should check the article, I have provided the popular websites to download the Ram Setu movie for free. But I would suggest you watch it on Amazon Prime video.

Who is the writer of the Ram Setu movie?

Abhishek Sharma is the writer and director of the Ram Setu movie.

Where can we watch the Ram Setu movie?

The Ram Setu movie is available on Amazon Prime Video; you have to buy a subscription in order to watch the Ram Setu movie.

I hope you get the information regarding the Ram Setu film. You should download the Ram Setu movie for knowledge and the truth of our history. In my opinion, I would give this film 3.5/5 stars. I have provided you with the most popular pirated websites to download the Ram Setu Movie, which you must check out. We would love to hear from you, please share your views in the comment section. 

We don’t support such piracy websites. The article’s purpose is only to share information. If you are downloading any movies and shows from an illegal website, we are not responsible for that. You can watch and download the film on Amazon Prime Video.

Thank you for your precious time. Have a nice day.


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